What people are saying about "HANA"

“I was fascinated by how the director challenges
the conventional approach to making horror films.

I found the way the director uses lighting was unique and ambitious and I was deeply impressed by

some of the shots in the film, particularly the elevator scene was truly an eye-opener. ”


- Hiroshi Takahashi (Director/ Screenwriter of the original trilogy “The Ring”.)




“The director has accomplished crafting a simple but effective story.

Although it is a directorial debut work, the director skilfully builds and sustains suspense.”


-Mu-yeong Lee (Writer of Park Chan-wook’s “Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance” (2002) &“ Joint Security Area” (2000).)




“It is not hard to recognize the likes of Hana, who babysitter Su-jin looks after. The most frightening thing here is the mother’s attitude; she is already searching for another babysitter and asks her not to hurt her daughter.

Hana needs her mother most now, but this mother is the only one who can’t see that, well she makes out she can’t anyway. A tragedy caused by the tough life of a working mom, which remains bitter as it merges with real life.”


- Hye-min Hwang (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival) 

Director's interview featured on Bifan's Official Daily.
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