What people are saying about "HANA"

“I was fascinated by how the director challenges
the conventional approach to making horror films.

I found the way the director uses lighting was unique and ambitious and I was deeply impressed by

some of the shots in the film, particularly the elevator scene was truly an eye-opener. ”


- Hiroshi Takahashi (Director/ Screenwriter of the original trilogy “The Ring”.)




“The director has accomplished crafting a simple yet brilliantly effective story.

Although it is a directorial debut work, the director skilfully builds and sustains suspense.”


-Mu-yeong Lee (Writer of Park Chan-wook’s “Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance” (2002) &“ Joint Security Area” (2000).)




      “The filmmaker effectively uses a minimalist approach to create maximum effect-

weaving a tragic tale with tremendous style and significance." 


- morbidlybeautyful.com




● Review. by MORBIDLLY BEAUTIFUL 2/8/2019

● Review by ASIAN MOVIE PULSE  2/29/2019 

● Review by vcinemashow.com . 3/6/2019

Director's interview featured on Bifan's Official Daily.
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