Mai Nakanishi (Writer, Director & Editor)  


Born in Tokyo but spent most of her youth abroad, Mai has been involved in filmmaking since 2013. She has been  working in various roles on a wide range of international projects including working as an assistant director for one of Asia’s prominent arthouse auteur Eric Khoo and producing Japanese segments for the horror anthology ABCS of DEATH2. She was selected as a fellow for the Asian Film Academy 2016 organized by the Busan International Film Festival to produce a short film under the mentorship of the world-renowned Taiwanese master Tsai Ming-Liang.  As a genre cinema enthusiast and a big supporter of women in horror, she founded “Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo”, the only female-centric genre film festival in Asia and she has been running the festival since 2013. HANA is her first short film as a director.


中西 舞 (監督/脚本/編集/美術)東京生まれ、幼少期を海外で過ごす。映画配給会社&映画専門放送局での経験を経て、カナダに渡り、エンタメビジネスを専攻。現地の映画企画コンペで『オズの魔法使い』をベースにしたゾンビ映画の企画をプレゼンし、優勝。コンペで得た予算を元に、現地スタッフと企画を短編映画化した事をきっかけに国内外の様々な映画プロジェクトに参加。シンガポールを代表する監督、エリック・クーの助監督や美術も務めた。また、釜山国際映画祭が主催する選抜制のワークショップ、"アジアン・フィルム・アカデミー"では日本から選ばれ、台湾映画界の巨匠、ツァイ・ミンリャン監督指導の下、短編映画を釜山で制作し同作品は釜山国際映画祭2016にて上映された。


Junsang Lee (Producer & Cinematographer)


Junsang is a filmmaker based in Busan, South Korea. He received the B.A and M.A. degrees from IM KWON TAKE College of Film & Media Arts and since then, he has been actively involved in filmmaking as a director, cinematographer and producer. His short film ANIMAL was screened at international film festivals including Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal and his first feature  "DONG-HWA" starring Yeongju Seo ("MOEBIUS" by Kim Ki-Duk) which he worked as a producer has been invited to a number of international film festivals.
Besides filmmaking, he has been working as a production head for Asian Film Academy (AFA) as part of Busan International Film Festival since 2015.  In his latest project HANA, he served as a producer and a cinematographer.

イー・ジュンサン(プロデューサー/撮影監督)釜山出身。イム・グォンテク・カレッジ・オブ・フィルム&メディアーツ学科を卒業し、学士号と修士号を取得。釜山をベースに監督、撮影監督、プロデューサーとして活動している。監督作『ANIMAL』は モントリオール世界映画祭を始め、国内外の映画祭にて上映された。主演にソ・ヨンジュ(キム・キドク監督『メビウス』)を迎えた長編作品『DONG-HWA』ではプロデューサーを務め、海外映画祭での上映後、2018年に韓国にて劇場公開された。


Chae-Young Yoon (Music Composer)


Chae-Young is a Seoul based music composer. Originally from Busan, South Korea, she  completed her B.A in music composition at Ewha Woman’s University. She also attended Salzburg Mozarteum summer academy conducted by Wolfgang Rihm,. She has won numerous prizes at Ewha music competition as well as BYAC composition competition and an excellence award at the 10th Hyang Shin Hoi composition competition. 

Chae-Young enjoys watching baseball games at baseball stadiums.