Sujin, a college student goes to a part-time babysitter interview and meets Mrs. Lee, a working single mother who needs a baby-sitter to look after her 4 year-old daughter Hana. Sujin is hired on the spot to start right a way but soon after she is left alone with Hana, strange things start to happen.



About the project

"HANA" is a Korea - Japan co-production short which was shot entirely in Busan, South Korea with all Korean cast & crew. 

In 2016, Mai was selected to be part of Asian Film Academy (AFA) , an intensive filmmkaing workshop organized by Busan International Film Festival in which she produced a short with her fellow aspiring filmmakers from all around Asia.  Through AFA, she met a group of talented Korean filmmakers which spun out to further collaborations for "HANA".  Mai flew to Busan and spent about 3 months from script development, casting, pre-production , shoot to final cut.  And after coming back to Japan, she worked remotely with her producer and the post production team in Busan on post (colour grading, sound design & mixing...etc) to finalize the film.  



Director's statement

"HANA" is loosely based on my own experience growing up with a working mother. Through “HANA” , I wanted to tell a story of a mother and her daughter who will never be able to connect physically and emotionally : the mother who had to give up her maternal responsibilities because of her devotion to career and the daughter whose longing for the mother's affection will never be fulfilled.

I wanted to make "HANA" not as a conventional horror film but a realistic yet emotional story of a social issues of a family with a working mother in contemporary South Korea & Japan.  





 Country: South Korea / Japan

Year: 2018

Running Time: 13 minutes

Genre: Drama/Horror

Shooting Format: 4K RAW

Aspect Ratio:1.85:1 

Sound: Stereo

Language: Korean